The many historical edifices and exciting spots in Asaba make it an endearing place for tourists and visitors. The peaceful capital city of Delta state boasts of interesting places like the Lander Brothers Anchorage, Kwale Game Reserve, River Ethiope etc. When you visit the “white and blue” city, you will want to stay longer and soak in all the excitement it has to offer. Even the hotels in Asaba are designed to make you feel at home as they provide excellent services. Whether you came for your vacation or for your business dealings, partake in these fun and you would be glad you did.

1. Visit the only living history museum in Nigeria

Nana’s Palace, Koko is Nigeria’s only living history museum. It belonged to Chief Nana Olomu, an indigenous entrepreneur in the Nineteenth century. He built this magnificent structure in order to portray his grand achievements. In the building, you will see a lot of personal vestiges that show the contact made between the Chief and the queen, the traders of the British empire and the administrators. You will find this national monument at the port of Koko, Warri North.

2. Check out Africa’s deepest inland waterway

The origin of this river known as River Ethiope is highly exceptional. Its source is a giant silk-cotton tree at Umuaja in Ukwani Local Government Area, Delta state. The river flows across several parts of the state like Abraka and Sapele. It is even large enough for ocean-going vessels to sail through. The transparency and uniqueness of this river are the major reasons it is a centre of attraction to both citizens of the country and foreigners. In some parts of the river, you can see fish at the river’s bottom. The beauty of this river is really indescribable, you should go see for yourself.

3. Relax in the cool atmosphere of Otuogu beach

Otuogu beach, Asaba, is a good place to host your social events and have a nice relaxing time. The white sands of the beach and the pristine look of the water have a way of pulling the strings of the heart. This is one of the most exciting spots in Asaba that you will love.

4. Immerse yourself in the tribes’ rich cultural festivals

The various communities in Delta state each have distinct traditional festivals which they celebrate in a very rich way. Delta state isn’t referred to as “The land of one thousand dances” for nothing. They come out in their numbers to participate in these festivals while also displaying different artworks of their people. While some of these festivals take place annually, some occur every two years and very few take place once or twice in a century. The Edjenu festival of the Agbarha clan in Ugheli North Local Government Area is one of such festivals that occur once in a lifetime. You can find out if any festivals will be taking place during the time you will be staying in Asaba.

5. Have a taste of paradise at Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club is a delightful spectacle of Mother nature’s charming resources. It is bordered by the pristine Ethiope river and surrounded by the tropical rainforest. You can never get tired of waking up to the splendid view of the tropical sunrise and the wonderful chorus of singing birds. If after waking, you feel like horse riding, swimming or fishing along the river bank of the Ethiope river, go ahead and simply do that. Their accommodation is luxurious, their staff are friendly and their services are exceptional. The memories you make here will definitely be lasting ones. Abraka Turf and Country club is situated at 9 Old Sapele-Agbor Road, Oria, Abraka, Delta state.

6. Let the amazing creatures in Kwale Game Reserve fill you with wonder

The coastal part of Kwale in Delta state is where you will find the Kwale Game reserve. It is a Rainforest vegetation that has a variety of water animals like the Freshwater cum pond water fish, Red River Hog and Sitatunga. This place has drawn the attention of many tourists and explorers in the African region. You can’t afford to leave Asaba without visiting this attractive part of the city.

7. Bask in the pleasantness of Leisure Paradise Amusement Park

Different kinds of fun activities take place at Leisure Paradise Amusement Park in Ekpan, Effurun. This park is maximally enjoyed when you go along with your family members. The children can catch fun riding the roller coaster, playing on the water slides and clambering on the Flying Elephant ride. There is also the Horseback riding and the tumbler tower that the adults can have an exciting adventure with. This is one of the most suitable places for a family outing.

8. Satisfy your curiosity by visiting the Araya Bible Site

Aren’t you a little bit curious about the place that draws a flock of Christian pilgrims every year? The story attached to the place is that a copy of the holy bible fell directly from heaven and landed there. This holy bible is still within the Araya Bible site and has been there since August 1914. This is an incredible story that many believe to be true. Visiting this site is an adventurous thing to do. It is located in Isoko South LGA.

9. Go partying at the Club Cocoon

This basement level club ensures that you can party through the night. With modern backlit dance floor and sections of the wall, it is impossible not to be caught in the party atmosphere!
It is located at 3 Ogochukwu Moweta Street, Off Summit/DLA Road, Asaba, Delta, Nigeria.

10. Embark on a trip to the Lander Brothers Anchorage

This anchorage was built in memory of Richard and John Lander; Two brothers who continued the expedition that Mungo Park ended at a point of the River Niger. History has it that these two brothers discovered the mouth of the River Niger and due to this discovery, slave trade gave way for the birth of the West African trade. At the anchorage, you will have access to an information centre and there is also a restaurant available.

It is never disappointing to go to Asaba, don’t miss out on all the fun while you’re there.

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