Nigeria is largely known for its multiple cultures, diverse peoples, ancient traditions, and easily accessible and peculiar variegated landscape. These factors result in one of the most unique destinations you will ever visit, where you will have similar experiences. Whether you prefer the appeal of busy urban centers or peace and quiet nature, here are a few unique experiences you can have in Nigeria.

1. Own a Hill-Top Castle For a Day

For a fee, you can live like royalty for a day or a weekend. The surreal hill-top Kajuru Castle in Kaduna provides visitors with an astonishing view and surroundings from one of your favorite fairytales. The castle operates on a basis of exclusivity which allows you to run your kingdom as you see fit.

2. Climbing Chappal Waddi

The entire Chappal Waddi experience leaves you winded but in a great way. The mixed terrain surrounding the highest peak in the country provides you with a worthy challenge while you interact with nature. You’ll meet wildlife along the way and probably say hello to a couple of fishes.

Tip: Ensure you have all the necessary equipment for the hike. While the area is safe, you probably still want to make the climb with someone.

3. Taking on the Wondrous Mambilla Plateau

Driving toward the plateau in the first place requires a trusty four-wheeled ride and the most impeccable maneuvering skills, due to the daunting terrain. That’s only one aspect of the thrilling experience that is the two-week tour around the gloriously vast Mambilla Plateau.

4. Partying at the New Afrikan Shrine

If you’re up for a “different kind of nightlife,” then a night at the New Afrikan Shrine is the thing for you. What distinguishes a night at the Shrine from one at a nightclub, for example, is the near-sublime atmosphere that it quickly conjures within its open space. A party here involves a legendary original and indigenous genre of music, kindred spirits, and fierce gyrations.

Tip: Don’t go if you’re asthmatic. Also, you may be required to pay an entry fee of N500.

5. An Osun-Osogbo Tour

The spiritual and historical significance of the Osun-Osogbo tour makes for a one-in-a-billion experience for visitors. The tour revolves around the revered Osun-Osogbo Grove, where visitors witness the last of the area’s shrines, sanctuaries, idols, traditional rituals, and observations. It takes place close to what is known as the spiritual home of the Yoruba people—Ile-Ife.

Tip: Plan your tour during the Osun-Osogbo Festival in August.

6. A Swim in Gurara River

At the bottom of the alluring Gurara Waterfalls flows the Gurara River, a tributary of the River Niger. On a “good day,” a swim in Gurara River will probably be one of your most challenging ones. But on a perfect day, it rubs you softly against smooth rocks and bounces you off eager currents.

Tip: Plan your trip in “Dry Season:” between January and March, when the river is most conducive to swim in.

7. A Daring Okada Ride

This is a regular experience for those who combine beating Lagos traffic with the exhilarating need to have the wind rush against your face at almost any time of the day. Okada (motorcycle) rides are cheap and can be fun depending on what pops up along the way.

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