Naples is the third-largest city in South Italy!. This city has seen civilization rise and fall and has played a very important role in the history of Italy. Although usually overlooked by tourists, when it comes to travel, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about Naples until you visit the city and see for yourself. This colorful, vibrant and exciting city is welcoming, with an intimidating mix of ancient and modern buildings. Known for having one of the best pizzas in the world, claimed to have been invented by the Neapolitans, the city is loved by many visitors.

In Naples, the entire population seems to be in the streets that spread down to its harbor. For decades, Neapolitans have spent more attention on their churches, while several houses of Europe have designed and decorated its palaces. The city’s deep and wide history includes the French, Spanish, Austrian and Byzantine rule that left its footprints. Beyond these museums, churches, and palaces, you will also find great attractions Naples have, such as parks, streets broad promenades you can explore.

Great places you can visit in Naples are:

1. See The Pizza Del Plebiscito

All your sightseeing starts here. This is a beautiful pedestrian square with views of the Basilica Royal and the Royal Palace. It’s the city’s central gathering, in the heart of Naples and a very short distance from many of the other tourist attractions. The piazza del Plebiscito is open all hours of the day. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, it is almost impossible to get a bad pizza in Naples!

2. Discover  The Ruins Of Pompeii

The dreaded Vesuvius’ eruption gave rise to one of the famous sites around Naples today. The Ruins of Pompeii have so much to offer to its visitors. Explore this remarkable and well-preserved large theatre that has been restored, where if you stand at the center stage and speak, everyone in the seats can hear you. Visit the brothel that is famous for its unique paintings positioned above each doorway with detailing on what went on inside. Pompeii is famous for its preserved remains of people trying to escape the volcanic eruption, now frozen forever in a thick clot of ash. A trip to Pompeii is an unforgettable experience that is surreal, different from what you will see elsewhere.

3. Visit The San Gennaro Catacombs

If you are looking for something adventurous to do in Naples, visiting the San Gennaro Catacombs is one. The home has over 3,000 burial sites, including celebrated patrons of Naples. The catacombs have two levels all carved out from stones with arched ceilings that reach up to 6 metres in height. The lower catacombs have a relaxing regularity like grid structure and would have housed the less wealthy members of the society. The upper catacombs are well known as a burial place for bishops and top officials. The building has undergone many changes and it is an early Christian architecture.

4. Explore Herculaneum

Herculaneum is another town that was ruined by volcanic Vesuvius’ eruption and offers more enriching culture with an even more tourist-friendly signage to help tourists understand what they are seeing. The small fishing village was wealthy in its time and the art-architecture of the city can relate to this. After the eruption of Vesuvius, the village was covered with ash, coated in such a way that organic matters like wooden features and fabrics were preserved that lasted through centuries.

5. Visit Castel Nuovo

This is a must-see! Castel Nuovo is an excellent piece of the Naples skyline and a very important part of any Naples sightseeing. The castle features a marble central facade surrounded by thick brick towers and fortifications. There is a Museum inside where you can see an incredible collection of frescoes, sculptures and paintings from the 14th to the 19th centuries. A tour to the castle will take you through the towers and the central courtyard that lets you climb the ramparts to snap some amazing pictures of Naples and the harbour.

6. Climb Mountain Vesuvius

Don’t worry though, eruptions no longer happen here. Volcanoes move on mass timelines and this one is currently dormant, in fact, Vesuvius is a popular tourist attraction and no trip to Naples is complete without climbing this iconic panoramic view of the surrounding area for you to take pictures. Famous for its eruption in 79AD that resulted in the destruction of both Pompeii and Herculaneum, it is still considered as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Europe. Climbing Vesusius takes about 20-30 minutes, you can get there on your own using a bus, but it’s easier to get a tour agency who can assist you, to learn more about volcanoes and its history.

7. Explore The Capri Island

Whether you are traveling with your family, heading on holiday with your friends, or just taking some alone time, Capri Island is a good choice. The island is easy to have access to by ferry. If you want to get off the mainland, take a long ride to the beautiful and stunning island of Capri surrounded by blue waters of the sea and covered with hills and trees that will capture your heart that you may never want to leave. You can also relax on the beach and ensure the sight of colorful, beautiful buildings and refreshing breeze that comes with it. You can also swim by the ruins of a Roman villa.

8. Visit The Royal Palace of Naples

Also known as the Palazzo Reale, the palace is opened from 9 am to 8 pm every day except for Wednesdays. A ticket will grant you entry but you can get in for free on the first Sunday of every month. A tour through the Palace takes you back to history, through various significant events and people that have ruled Naples over the years. It’s a great way to step back from the hustle and bustle of the city. The rooms in the palace are full of beautiful furniture and lavish in colorful paintings, chandeliers and golden cabinets.

9. Check Out Naples National Museum

The museum building has an interesting history. It was initially a cavalry barracks that became the seat of the city’s university. It became a museum in the late 18th century. To have a great time here, you should go to the Farnese collection on the ground floor and see the Toro Farnese statue carved from a single massive piece of marble. This amazing sculpture is referenced in the writings of the famous Roman author, Pliny the Elder. Also, note that the national archeological museum is one of the largest in the world known for its Roman collections as well as one of the largest Egyptian collections in Europe.

Before You Go To Naples

There’s a lot to see in Naples. Make sure you give yourself at least three days to explore it and take part in everything it has to offer. Be security conscious and be aware of your surroundings. Italians take riposo known as their nap time very seriously; plan your day with a midday break in mind. Finally, it is important to know that Naples have a history of being rougher than any city in Italy, but with an amazing tour package, you can have the best time.

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