The Bar Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos and it’s the closest to the city center of Victoria Island. Going to the Bar Beach is a perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

At Bar Beach, you can have a picnic under one of the abundant coconut palm trees, go for a walk on the endless white sand, and enjoy the scenery of the majestic ocean.

How to Get to Bar Beach

In the event that you’re coming by air, board an airplane to the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos. From the terminal, you would find a taxi to the Bar Beach. Bar Beach is a very popular place in Lagos, so from anywhere you are in Lagos, you can board a taxi to this beach. You can book a Taxi using Taxi Booking Services like Uber and Taxify. Alternatively, if you want to go there by intra-city bus, board a bus to CMS Park, from where you would board another bus going to the Bar Beach. The average cost of transport should be N2000 and N500 for taxis and intra-city buses respectively.

Best Time to Visit Bar Beach

Visiting the Lagos Bar Beach for relaxation is always a great experience, but it’s an even greater experience when you visit the Bar Beach during the festive periods because a lot of entertaining events are done during this period. For example, the Lagos State Government organizes and holds a music festival (One Lagos Fiesta) towards the end of December every year. Also, in the event that you want to get a tan, visit the Bar Beach between the months of November and March, as this is the summer period in Lagos.

What to Wear To Bar Beach

So you are planning on going to Bar Beach and you’re probably undecided about what to wear? Here are a few suggestions on the things you should wear to this beach. Before making a choice about what to wear, you would need to clarify a few things like how long you’re going to be there, what activities you’re going to be engaging in (surfing, canoeing, boating) as well as the weather condition.

Thus, a simple casual beach top and shorts dress in a light material is the perfect piece to bring with you to the beach because it’s fun, easy, and breezy without much hassle involved. Its importance lies in the fact that you can wear it over your swimsuit and it also allows you transition from drinks at a fancy bar to the beach with just removing one item. A hat and sunglasses are essential items for sun protection. Also, you should have a swimwear, footwear (flip-flops), beach bags, and headwear.

Things to do at Bar Beach

Bar Beach offers you limitless opportunities to relax, unwind, and have fun. Some of the exciting things you can do at Bar Beach include;

  • Boat Riding: It is usually planned for single couples or groups. It usually costs N1000 to go on a boat ride.
  • Canoeing: It is generally organised for Adults and Children. It would cost you N200 if you would paddle yourself and N500 if you are going to be paddled. It is always less stressful being paddled. Although, for children, it attracts a flat rate of N200.
  • Volleyball Rentage: This activity costs N200, howbeit you’ll be required to pay a sum of N1000 while renting a volleyball. A refund would be made to you when the ball is returned.
  • Kick Boxing: This usually costs N2000 per session for Adults and N1000 per session for kids.
  • Quad Biking: This activity would cost N2000, which covers only a duration of 10 minutes.
  • Archery: You would be given 10 arrows and would be required to pay N500 per session.
  • You can also play snooker games and table tennis, both of which cost N200 each.

Cost of Visiting Bar Beach

The Bar Beach is free and open to everyone, so you are free to visit this beach for relaxation and fun anytime. Albeit, engaging in certain activities at the beach comes at a cost.

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