Arinta Waterfalls is located in Ipole-Iloro and it is about 6km North-West of Ikogosi. It can only be reached through a road from Ikogosi. The road that leads to the fall passes through the Ikogosi Tourist Center. Tourists feel the cold effect of this fall from about 10 meters away.

The resort centre is naturally gifted with thick and evergreen forest. Arinta waterfall is a wonderful scene to feast your eyes on, surging down rocky hills from a great height to form a graceful pool of spring water in the midst of natural forest vegetation. It is a popular tourist site that draws local and foreign tourists to the State.

The precipitous slopes of the intimidating ridge, views of a beautiful valley trapped between two ridges meet the eyes. The scenery features an extensive area of rich vegetation. The afternoon sun energized the greenery flavour of the valley below, forming it in a pleasant romance of bright and dark shades of leaf green. The tarred road descends down the other side of the ridge to meet the sleepy enclave of Ipole-Iloro. A small stream meets the road at the village entrance. It is called Oluwa stream, and being highly-revered by the people, it is said that the water can cure any kind of diseases.

The Town

The town holds a total human population of about eight hundred people. The Aayo spring can be seen zigzagging its way across the village, dividing the village into two parts. The first part towards the south holds the area where the ancestors of Ipole-Iloro people first dwelt before expansion took the boundaries of the village beyond the river to the other side.

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