Established in 1985, the national museum of colonial history is located within the Governor’s office complex surrounded by greenish courts and lined on either side by whispering pines and fruit trees creating a captivating landscape, it was built to showcase our colonial history.

Why you should visit the museum

The museum houses historical collections on the creation of the state as well as ethnographic items such as artifacts, relics, valuable antiquities and carvings related to the people of Akwa Ibom.  Other facilities include a museum education centre, museum kitchen complex, museum shop, and research library.

The museum depicts the history and heritage of Akwa Ibom as well as cultural artifacts from the pre-colonial and post-colonial era making it a national gem. A visit to the museum is sure to be a fulfilling one as the beautiful illustrations and artworks brandished play out a beautiful story on some historical events.

It also contains an attractive, shaded waterfront garden where one can watch small boats drifting on the creeks reported to be one of the sites for slave trade during the colonial era. The delightful and serene environment is a good place for meditation and reflection on how far we have come as a nation.

How to get to the museum?

The closest Airport to Ikot Ekpene where the museum is located is the Akwa Ibom International Airport. Driving from the airport to the museum takes just 30 minutes

Tour Tips

  • Go with a group of friends and engage your tour guide with questions to explore the Akwa Ibom history
  • Do not take pictures in the museum, they are not allowed

For your next outing in Uyo, go to the museum and educate yourself.

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