Drills are one of the most endangered species in Nigeria, drill ranch was created in 1991 to a colony of drills to preserve them from extinction and combat poaching and the bushmeat trade. Drill Ranch has two sites; Drill Ranch Calabar is home to the chimpanzee nursery, and Drill Ranch Afi Mountain is the destination for all animals once they’ve cleared from quarantine.

There are plenty of exciting activities at Drill Ranch, the excellent breeding center affords you an opportunity to relate with the primates, appreciate the surrounding forest on the canopy walk and beyond to the pools and waterfalls of the Bano River coming straight off the mountain.

Every visitor receives a tour guide with free handouts to learn about these endangered species and the struggles they face for survival. The safety of the animals is fundamental thus you are compelled to listen to every instruction from the tour guide.

Things to Do

  • Game viewing
  • Mountaineering
  • canopy walking

What to Bring?

Food: Drill Ranch has no restaurant hence everyone is required to cater for themselves.  Everyone must provide their own food and do their own cooking.  Onions, beans, rice, salt & cooking oil may be available in nearby villages. Camp has cooking facilities, pots & pans, utensils, etc.

Drinks: It is advised to go there with your own portable drinking water. The borehole there is only semi-portable. Warm soft drinks & beer can be obtained in Buanchor village.  There is currently no refrigeration in camp

Clothing: Long-sleeved shirts, trousers, socks and shoes are the safest; it is strongly advised not to wear shorts, sandals, and T-shirts, especially for children. Pack a swimsuit for the little pools on the Bano. You will need rain gear in the rainy season.

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