The Enugu Museum which is also referred to as the National Museum of Unity was established in 1972. The Museum is beautified and constructed with a combination of three art galleries, constituting the Unity Gallery, Ibo Gallery, and Enugu Coal City Gallery. It is the last surviving museum in Nigeria dedicated to the ‘No Vanquished, No Victory’ mantra of 1970, which was coined so as to heal the deep self-inflicted wounds of the Nigerian Civil War.

The three galleries which make up the museum is enriched with artistic beauties that display the heterogeneous culture of the Nigerian society, so as to establish and promote peace, unity, and coexistence.

The three galleries have their peculiar message it intends to pass across to the visitors. For the Unity Gallery, it depicts artistic objects describing some popular concepts in the popular belief system of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria. As for the Ibo Gallery, it shows the richness of the Igbo culture ranging from its political, social, economic, cultural, artistic, and also its architectural nature. For people who want to know more about the Igbo culture, this place is a place for you.

Lastly, the Enugu Coal City Gallery displays the growth and development of the Enugu society since its discovery of the natural resource ‘coal’

History of the Museum

The museum was established in 1972 after the Nigerian civil war, it was created to foster unity and heal the wounds from the war through the cultural display of antiquities from various ethnic groups. Devoted to the “No Victor, No Vanquished” mantra of 1970, the museum is dedicated to promoting peace and harmony. Visitors come to the museum as a result of the plentiful historical artifacts, models, statues, and works of art from various parts of the nation.

Enugu Museum is a very affordable place to visit. There are also inexpensive hotels around the museum that you can lodge.

How to get to Enugu Museum

The closest Airport to National Museum of Unity, Enugu is the Akanu Ibiam International Airport. Airlines offer direct flight into and out of the Airport. It’s a fifteen minutes drive from the airport to the museum. There are shuttles at the Airport available to transport you to the Airport for a token.

Things to do at Enugu Museum

  • You get the opportunity to see and feel artifacts such as the Kebbi Dakakari Pottery, the Ikenga (for the rich Igbo people to worship idols), Ere Ibeji (to appease the spirit of dead twins), Ritual Staffs, Divinations, tools, coals, etc.
  • Jot information or be ready to pay close attention to the tour guides and curators, because phones and cameras are not allowed to function in the museum.
  • You can capture moments with a camera at spots when it is permitted.

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