Nigerians love to travel, yet, even the majority of us haven’t explored the wonders flourishing in our backyards, partly because we’re oblivious to their existence in the first place. Nigeria’s landscapes boast of magical springs and thrashing waterfalls, compellingly formidable hills and mountains, and lush greenery that will make you wish you could live out the rest of your existence in blissful nomadism. Here are list of 5 States that you need to visit in Nigeria:

1. Plateau State

There is a myriad of reasons why Plateau State in its entirety is your one-stop shop for tourism in Nigeria. In fact, it’s already aptly nicknamed “The Home of Peace and Tourism.” The gorgeous state of Plateau is home to the most beautiful mountain peaks Nigeria has to offer, including the Kurang Volcanic Mountain, wildlife parks, waterfalls, a resort, golf course, amazing rock formations to camp and picnic on and around, and the Jos National Museum.

2. Idanre, Ondo

Mysterious, alluring, dome-shaped hills characterize the scenery at the peaceful Idanre Town in Akure, Ondo State. The Idanre Hills, also known as “Oke Idanre” is not only national pride, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Idanre Hills rise above water amid a rich and beautifully diverse ecosystem which includes a mystical river with healing powers. The walk up the approximately 660 steps leads you through sites with mysterious handwritings and footprints on the rocks, to an ancient kingdom located at the top. A visit to Idanre, with the accompanying folklores, will make you believe anything is possible.

3. Ikare, Lagos

The largely unexplored, serene Ikare village is a combination of beauty, nature, and relaxation. Ikare village resides on a Lagos coastline, along which lie dazzling beaches with grand palm trees. A trip to Ikare is conducted by boat, and this adds to the sense of adventure that you feel as you approach the beaches, feasting your eyes on the different gorgeous manifestations of nature in the area. Upon arrival, Ikare greets you with a line of nicely structured beach houses and the popular Kamp Ikare resort.

4. Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River

Obudu is another location that admirably caters to the desires and needs of wanderers on more than one platter. If you’re not flying, the Obudu experience begins with what can easily be an exciting road trip for certain travelers—a six-hour drive from Calabar City to Obanliku where the resort is situated. At the resort, you can get involved in intriguing cable car rides, hiking, swimming, horse riding, and engagement with the outdoors. There are also the options of extending your adventure to the Agbokim Waterfalls and the Afi Forest Reserve three hours away from the resort.

5. Gashaka Gumti National Park, Taraba

Savannah woodlands, rainforests, grasslands, lakes, rivers, valleys, swamps, and the highest peak in Nigeria—the Chappal Waddi Mountain—create the natural fascination that is the Gashaka Gumti national park in Taraba State. This park’s diverse biological ecosystem allows for the inhabitation of all manners of wildlife and overall breathtaking scenery. Gashaka Gumti consists of two ancient regions and borders Cameroon to the east. What’s more, you’ll need at least eight days to sufficiently cover the length and breadth of Chappal Waddi.

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