Pandam Game Reserve and Wildlife Park is the largest game reserve in Nigeria. The magnificent park is a 224 square kilometer natural habitat for animals. There are iron boards at the park giving a description of the park and the various species of animals available at the park.

It is home to some rare species, wildlife, exotic birds, and a diverse range of vegetation promoting ecotourism. Pandam Game Reserve and Wildlife Park affords visitors the opportunity to appreciate nature and learn about conservation of the environment

History of Pandam Game Reserve and Wildlife Park

Pandam Game Reserve and Wildlife Park was established in 1972, it commenced operations on October 20, 1975. The wildlife park is a renowned tourist site in Jos, it’s also a centre of research.

How to get to Pandam Game Reserve

The closest Airport to Pandam Game Reserve is the Yakubu Gowon Airport. There are Airlines that offer local flights into and out of the Airport. At the Airport, there are taxis available to transport you to the Game Reserve.

Things to do at Pandam Game Reserve

1. Picnic with family and friends

If you’re one who loves to have a chill time staring at the beauty of nature with friends and family, then you definitely should visit Pandam Game Reserve. It has a beautiful, serene park is one thing every human should experience in their lifetime.

2. Game viewing

Take a walk around the park and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. The monkeys are especially entertaining as they display various skills and acrobatics. You can also find Antelopes, hippopotamus, African manatee, various species of birds and other animals scattered all over the park.

3. Canoeing

One of the interesting features of Pandam Game Reserve is the fact that there’s a lake with natural flowing water. You can book a canoe for a ride on the lake. Also, you can engage in water sports activities.

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