Ever wondered why Benue state is always referred to as the food basket of the nation? That shouldn’t be the only thing you know about Benue State. Being called the food basket of the nation is not just a slogan but a reality of Benue State. Benue State is blessed with tourism sites, agricultural and investment opportunities.

Tourist Centers In Benue State

Tourism has become an important sector for most developing countries having already overtaken cash crop agriculture and other primary industries as the major source of national income, employment and export earnings.

Benue State possesses immense tourism potentials which are yet to be exploited. Some of the exciting places to visit in Benue State are natural attractions like hills and ranges such as Ikyogen, Abande, Ngokur, Mkar, Ushongo and Harga. There is a heavily wooded natural trench at Tse-Mker and it is believed to be inhabited by dangerous creatures including Pythons.

Gurgul, a waterfall on Katsina Ala River. The border stretch adjoining the Obudu/South Cameroon Plateau ranges features forests, dissected hills, dykes, dozens of fast flowing streams and incised valleys.

In the dry season, the water level in both the Benue River and Katsina-Ala River falls, giving rise to sandy river beaches and clean shallow waters. The water is used for recreational boating and swimming. At Orokam in Ogbadibo Local government areas, we have the Enumabia Warm Spring. At Epwa-Ibilla, Andi-Ibilla, Uchenyum-Ibilla, Okochi-Uwokwu, Irachi-Uwokwu, Ette-Uda-Uwokwu, Odepa-Uwokwu, Igbegi-Ipinu-Uwokwu, Edde-Ibilla-Uwokwu, and Ohuma-Uwokwu of Oju, are springs of clean water.

The 7 most popular Tourist Attractions In Benue State

1. Ikyogen HillsIkyogen Hill, Benue State, Nigeria.

Ikyogen hill, which is also known as the Leiv Mountain is located in Mbabegh Ikyogen, Kwande local government area of Benue state. The lush green Leiv Mountain used to be a habitat for monkeys and a grazing ranch for cattle but overtime it has become deserted. During the unrest in Cameroon, the hill served as a temporary camp for the Cameroonian refugees but even long after the camp was relocated, this tourist site and attraction never regained its lost glory. Locals who live around however still find hiking on Leiv Mountain recreational. A perfect location for exploring and adventurous hiking for indigenes and tourists. The views from the mountain tops are always worth the climb.

2. Enumabia Warm Spring, Benue State, Nigeria.

Nigeria is a nation rooted in ancient cultures and beliefs. Even as the western civilization penetrates the fabric of our society, there still are societies holding on to their history, culture, and myths. This is why the Enumabia Warm Spring in Orokam Local Government Area was top on our list of natural attractions to visit in Benue state. Stories about this famous spring made the Experiencing Naija team look forward to the visit all the more.

The Enumabia warm spring is a representation of the mythical beliefs of the Orokam people. Said to be mother and protector of children by the natives, folklore around the Enumabia River is that it resettled from Uture to Oko in Orokam. This was due to misuse by villagers, especially women who were on their monthly menstrual cycles and deemed to be ‘unclean’. The river deity is known as ‘Enumabia Okpo’.

3. Katsina-Ala River, Benue State, Nigeria.

Do you ever dream of seeing the rare African Manatee? The Katsina-Ala River, which is a tributary of the Benue River is the place to head out to. This is where you can see the herbivorous mammals in their natural habitat. It is a captivating sight to behold for individual tourists and groups of visitors, and the animals’ responses to the presence of people is another exciting moment to experience.

4. Anwase-Abande Ranges, Benue State, Nigeria.

The Anwase-Abande ranges is located in Kwande local government area on Nigerian-Cameroon border. It extend into the Nigerian-Cameroon border via the Obudu-Cameroon range, this place features temperate climate and beautiful scenery of forests, dissected hills, dozens of fast flowing streams and incised valleys. It is also a beautiful place for camping, sight viewing and picnicking for tourists.

5. Montane Games Reserve, Benue State, Nigeria.

This game reserve is one of the few in the state reserves where visitors and tourists can see wild and rare animals in their natural habitats. The reserve boasts of a community of people who are sweet to visitors.

6. Dajo Pottery, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

Creativity with assets will definitely result in great output. This is the case for Dajo Pottery, it is a privately-owned pottery which has made thousands of unique pottery both for local and international tourists who fancy owning a fascinating pottery. The pots come in various sizes and designs and are made under various conditions to preserve its uniqueness and peculiarity. They also make several ceramic products like mugs, awards, etc. The local but stunning work of art is taken to the world.

7. Tiv Anger Weavers, Benue State, Nigeria.

Gifted weavers in the natural and local art of weaving gives their best in producing outstanding products. The Tivs are experts when it comes to weaving and associated crafts. You can see them at work when you visit or schedule an excursion for local students to know the crafts of the ancient people. Watching the weavers deal skillfully with baskets and fish-traps and other woven crafts is something that stays with tourists long after they have left Benue State.

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