Nigerians love to travel. It is in our nature to want to explore new environments either for business purposes or just to have fun. The United Kingdom (London especially) ranks top among the places frequently visited by Nigerians.

London is the largest city and the cultural capital of the United Kingdom. Like any other real cosmopolitan city, the city has a large proportion of its population being foreign-born individuals, including Nigerians.

Despite this, the city has remained strongly mindful of its rich heritage. Nigerians occupy a fair share of London’s population. Nigerians in London can attest to the fact that London is an all-year-round destination. However, as there are “different strokes for different folks”,  visiting London varies from person to person as a result of individual preferences.

Below are the different seasons to visit London based on whatever your choices and preferences are.

Summer in London – June to August

This season is heavily frequented by tourists. It is when the skies finally open up and the sun is shining. Nigerians in London adore summer because London is a city where you can spend weeks under gray skies, but during summer the sun comes out.

During summer, bars and theaters are in full swing.  Do not leave your shorts at home yet as you would want to attend the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street festival in July. Into tennis? You would not want to miss the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. You could also get your adrenaline rush at the city’s cycling fest, RideLondon.

Summer is a great time for kids and families as the weather is excellent for family hangouts in London’s parks and playgrounds. For the London Theatre’s Kids Week every August, there are free tickets for children. For Nigerians looking to shop, the best sales in London happen in June and early July.

Summer is also the best time to see all things related to royalty in London. The pageantry of Trooping the Colour-the Queen’s birthday parade- comes up in June and the Clarence House (home to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall) only opens to the public in August. However, going to London around this time can cost you as this season is one of the peak tourist seasons in the city.

It also means you would be competing to book tickets for tours, shows, and museums. This is why it is advisable for Nigerians to book tickets and activities in advance so that you would not have to wait in line or worry about tickets being sold out.

Autumn in London – September to November

This season usually referred to the “Shoulder Season” follows the heavy tourist season of summer ends. The city is usually very gorgeous around this time; the air is crisp and the color of the parks change. London Fashion Week comes up in September, where the best designers in the world show off their collections. If you are looking to get soaked into the culture of the city, this is the best time to visit. The Guy Fawkes Night every November, is a celebration deeply rooted in British history.

Halloween ready? November is the month for you. The Haunted Medieval Banquet would have you screaming your lungs out as well as the mystery ball in The Mansion London- the coolest event on planet earth. Around this season, hotel and theatre reservations fall into reasonable ranges. Nigerians should, however, note that October is the wettest month of the year and since the season precedes winter and the temperature of the city continues to drop from October to November.

Winter in London – December to February

In London, it is a common saying that “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. Nigerians coming to London around this period should come along with appropriate clothing for winter as temperatures generally stay below 10⁰ C and heavy rains are prevalent. Rain boots, jackets, and an umbrella are a necessity. During this season, the city is bubbling with festive activities and tourists usually overrun the city around this period.

Christmas comes early to London, providing Nigerians with a great opportunity to enjoy the festive season. The charm of Christmas in London can be very magical for children and there are several ideal holiday markets to peruse. You should, however, note that London is a very popular place during Christmas, so expect the streets to be crowded. Also, museums and attractions are closed from 24 – 26 December including public transportation so you should plan trips before or after this time. You should also note that the prices of hotels would be hiked.

In January and February usually referred to as the “off-season”, the museums and galleries in the city are in their quietest, which means there are no long lines and crowds. January is also London’s coldest month, so Nigerians looking to visit London on a budget and do not mind chilly temperatures can get really great deals in January and February. Flights to the city are usually cheap around this period too as this is the low tourist season in the city.

Spring in London – March to May

While autumn and winter in London can be rainy and cold, and summer can get a bit hot and humid, spring in the city falls in between, enjoying moderate temperatures. This season is also referred to as “shoulder season”. Although March can be difficult to predict- the weather can be extremely variable which is why taking an umbrella is a good idea, May can be a very wonderful month to visit the city.

During spring, nature awakens- the land becomes green and pleasant again- and the days become longer than in the winter months. Spring is like a “blessing” after experiencing the cold months of winter and longing for sunshine. London comes alive during this season making it a picturesque city. Hotel prices become really affordable as there are fewer tourists visiting the country. You might want to book an afternoon tea somewhere classy, considering the great weather. You can look for sophisticated spots like The Savoy Hotel and The Ritz to make the most of your experience in the city.

For coffee lovers, The London Coffee Festival comes up every April featuring a wide range of coffee artisans as well as gourmet stalls, providing coffee lovers the opportunity to experience London’s vibrant and bustling coffee scene.

The best period to visiting London would depend on what you want. You may want to enjoy the amazing summer weather, or partake in winter festivals, revel in the beauty of spring or the serenity of autumn. There is never a bad time to visit London, as long as you know what you want!

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