With amazing and exotic cities, Nigeria stands as one of the most visited and beautiful countries in West Africa. Giving visitors and residents a time to look forward to as they explore. From the fast-growing economy to the amazing tourist sites, beautiful landscapes, fun and vibrant nightlife; these Nigerian Cities has proven to not only being beautiful but also accommodating.


Elegant buildings and Structures, this Nigerian city stands as the most populous in Nigeria notwithstanding being one of the smallest in land mass. It blends in people from different cultures and ethnic groups while this may be true understanding basic Yoruba and pidgin is necessary for communication. As the most industrialized city in Nigeria, Lagos stands to serve economic, relaxing and fun benefits. Lagos has amazing tourist attractions, for instance, the beautiful beaches, Lekki conservation centre, historic sights and the likes. This city creates a connection between the highbrow areas and the slums. Lively and bubbling the City of Lagos almost never sleeps with its top-notch nightlife.


As the most developed state in Nigeria, Abuja is a business domain. Besides being the Federal Capital of Nigeria and the Center of the Nigerian government. Abuja is one of the most beautiful Cities in Nigeria with its breathtaking landscape, serene environment and rich and diverse culture. It houses the rich, middle class and poor. Abuja is a city with rich and exotic locations, recreational centers, world-class hotels and a luxury real estate.


Rich culture, beautiful architecture, tasty delicacies, natural attraction, peaceful, serene and stunning environment; Sitting pretty in the southeastern part of Nigeria, this city provides fun and astounding natural attractions. Calabar also boasts of its annual Street Party tagged Calabar Carnival. The carnival displays the rich culture of Nigerians while entertaining and educating participants while also drawing the attention of tourists from all over the world.


As the Largest City in Northern Nigeria and the second largest city in Nigeria. Kano is an ancient city with a beautiful array of culture. This old city houses the Kurmi market known for its craft and old dye pit, the Emir’s palace, the Great Mosque and many more. The Durbar festival hosted by the Emir features elaborately dressed horsemen who parade to pay respect and allegiance to the Emir. Formerly walled and remains of the gates still visible; Kano City had its ancient walls named ‘the most impressive monument in West Africa’.


Port Harcourt stands as the third most developed city in Nigeria. The Vegetations found here are lush greenery and the landscape extremely beautiful. The presence of oil makes this city home to multinational companies dealing with oil and gas. A coastal and picturesque shoreline makes Port Harcourt a business and fun destination for tourists.

Some of the most visited cities in Nigeria with rich and tasteful culture to give tourist sufficient experiences include Enugu, Warri, Kaduna etc.

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