The Kagoro Hills, known as Afan Ae’gworok among the natives, is the towering elevation above the Kagoro town near Kafanchan in the Southern Kaduna sub-region of Northern Nigeria. The Kagoro Afan National Festival derives its name from the hill (Afan). The Kagoro Hills is situated at an altitude of about 1,246 meters above sea level and its scene is one of the most picturesque natural attractions in Kaduna State.

It forms a range with big trees and rocky places at the base. The hill has significantly influenced the weather of the area making the area to enjoy a nice clement climate similar to what is obtainable in the Jos and the Mambila Plateaus. There is also heavy rainfall with mild fresh humid wind during the rainy season. The Kagoro hills ranges cover an unbelievably large expanse of plains stretching as far as the eyes can see. Natives say that these plains stretch as far as Jos in neighboring Plateau State and parts of Bauchi State.

As the climb commences, the guides lead the adventure from the foot of the hill, one notice forged covert pathways along and around cliffs and crevices, nooks and crannies, streams and brooks all the way to the summit. With the native guides, however, a tourist is delighted on every turn as the wonders of the hill are unveiled. Besides the curves intersected by amazing rock formations, there are numerous freshwater springs running the length and breathe of the hill.

At 1,246 meters above sea level, you’ll have to hike for a few hours to get to the top. But, the climb and the view once you get there are worth it. You must bring binoculars with you. One of the things that make these hills such a fascinating destination is the stories about heroes and supernatural beings that surround them.

Because it is a place of legend, it’s customary for tourists to ask for the consent of the Kagoro Chief before ascending the hill. Not only that he will offer prayers for safe passage, but he can also give you valuable advice about how to protect yourself from harmful animals and insects. For example, according to legend, the hills are the home of a sacred bee colony, so tourists are advised not to wear perfume since the smell could attract the bees.

You will also encounter a “palm wine bar” where you can stop for a few minutes and refresh yourself before continuing the climb. Make sure to hire a guide so that he can show you all the “secrets” the hills have to offer. Although most of them speak English, you could work with a tutor before your departure and learn the basics of their native tongue. That way, it will be easier to understand the magnificent stories that surround these sacred hills.

The hills are also excellent for rock climbing, mountaineering, safari exploration, and quiet picnics.

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